written and performed by Diana Oh

2022 Season

Artist Diana Oh is seeking individuals born in 1956 or earlier who are of immigrant and/or marginalized identities to hang out with! Through intimate, heartfelt, and provocative conversation, Oh will befriend selected Elders and write them each a personal song as a gift. The songs will culminate in a full concert celebrating and honoring their remarkable and extraordinary lives (dates TBD). This is The Gift Project.

Do you have a personal connection to an Elder (ages 65+) who meets one of the following criteria?:

  • born outside of the US and now resides here

  • identifies as a member of a marginalized community (race, ability, sex, gender, orientation, culture, heritage)

  • overcame monumental obstacles;

  • beat seemingly insurmountable odds;

  • fought tirelessly for themselves and/or their family


If so, fill out this form to send a nomination!

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Written & Performed by Diana Oh

Filmed and Edited by ZANNI Productions