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We're looking for individuals

born in 1956 or earlier

who are of immigrant and/or marginalized identities

and have stories to share.

SOLO SHORTS: round 3 is now live!

All For One Theater is happy to release the third round of our commissioned AFO Solo Shorts series, launched in July 2020.

This time, all shorts are designed for a youth audience!

Click the icon to watch our latest selections, and to see

Rounds 1 and 2!

Outstanding Digital Theater:
Collection or Festival

AFO Solo Shorts: Rounds 1 and 2

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All For One asserts that Black Lives Matter.


We are committed to supporting and amplifying Black voices and perspectives through our conduct and our programming. 

All For One acknowledges it is currently a white-led organization operating in an industry plagued with systemic racism.

We pledge to hold ourselves accountable, to examine our inevitable mistakes and missteps, and to make amends when we have wronged our colleagues or our community.


Moving forward:


  • We pledge that each season's Solo Collective will always include the voices of Black Artists and other Artists of Color.


  • We pledge that our cohort of Artists in Residence will continue to include and hold space for Black Artists and Artists of Color.


  • We pledge that creative teams for Main Stage productions will always include multiple BIPOC Artists.


  • We pledge to always pay our artists and never ask for work for free. 


  • Leadership and staff will be pursuing anti-racist training to combat the privilege and biases that have shaped us, in order to better understand our complicity in the racial inequities of our industry and our society. 

We have signed the petition put forth by BIPOC theater makers at

We encourage you to do the same.

AFO is currently operating remotely with all staff working from home. 

The best way to get in touch is to email us at