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All For One is dedicated to producing and developing extraordinary solo theater, and to creating opportunities for solo artists to enjoy sustaining careers.

Extraordinary solo theater is unique in its ability to deliver life-changing stories. It speaks with a passion and intimacy that compels us to lean in, learn, relate, and revel, while offering a range of topics and experiences as diverse as humankind itself.


Since 2011, All For One Theater has presented acclaimed full-length solo plays Off-Broadway. We also created the AFO Solo Collective (AFO|SoCo) to nurture and develop some of the brightest writing, performing, and directing talent in the solo world.


On these pages you will find established and emerging solo artists with one thing in common: their plays inform, inspire, move, and matter. Each of these artists will deliver their story with a fire that will engage, entertain, and activate you.


We hope you will join us soon and experience great theater.








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