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AFO Solo Collective members


AFO Solo Collective (SoCo) nurtures the development of mid-career solo artists and their audiences through cross-disciplinary exchange, peer-driven workshops, and panel discussions. SoCo was conceived in response to the lack of resources available to solo artists to develop their work outside of a commercial and result-oriented workspace. It was created to provide a forum where pieces at all different stages of development could be nurtured and then shared publicly with a supportive audience of peers and collaborators.


Projects are incubated during the calendar year with a two-week focus on each project that results in a free public performance. No piece is promised a production with AFO in the future, and no team of artists will be asked to give AFO the right of first refusal.

Applications for the 2022 SoCo class were read by a panel of past AFO artists: Beaudau Karel Banks, Darian Dauchan, Nazli Sarpkaya, and Mélissa Smith, as well as AFO staff.


Each member of our 2022 SoCo class receives $1,000 to go toward a free public presentation of their work. AFO will develop a funding strategy with each artist to ensure the success of their presentation and that any and all collaborators are properly compensated.

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