Solo Collective

Solo Collective (SoCo) nurtures the development of mid-career solo artists and their audiences through cross-disciplinary exchange, peer-driven workshops, and panel discussions. SoCo was conceived in response to the lack of resources available to solo artists to develop their work outside of a commercial and result-oriented workspace. It was created to provide a forum where pieces at all different stages of development could be nurtured and then shared publicly with a supportive audience of peers and collaborators.


Projects are incubated during the calendar year with a two-week focus on each project that results in a free public performance. No piece is promised a production with AFO in the future, and no team of artists will be asked to give AFO the right of first refusal.


Suzy Jane Hunt
January 2020
Chris Duffy
February 2020
Shelley Wollert
April 2020
Neil D'Astolfo
June 2020
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Sara Farrington
January 2019
Meshaun Labrone
February 2019
Tasha Gordon-Solmon
April 2019
Neil D'Astolfo
June 2019
Shelley Wollert
July 2019
Sheila Callaghan & Kip Fagan
September 2019
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Also featuring Richard Thieriot, Juan Villa, Shelley Wollert


Michael Sean Cirelli
March 2018
Nazli Sarpkaya
July 2018
Adrienne Truscott
September 2018
Eric Walton
September 2018
Lizzie Vieh
October 2018
Tasha Gordon-Solmon
October 2018
Aya Aziz
October 2018
Kareem Lucas
November 2018
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Jose Sonera
February 2017
Mark Gindick
March 2017
William Burke
April 2017
Kim Gainer
May 2017
Jody Christopherson
June 2017
October 2017
Anu Yadav
October 2017
Gwydion Siolebhan
December 2017
Sylvia Milo
December 2017
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Richard Thieriot
Sean Lewis
Crystal Skillman
October 2016
Renata Friedman
Deanna Fleysher
Gustavo Pace Estefen
Vanessa Smythe
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is dedicated to producing and developing extraordinary solo theater.

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