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Written and performed by Nia Calloway



Through the use of poetry, dance, song, imagery, and ritual, Nia Calloway re-examines what it means to call this body a place of home while observing the obscurity of what home has meant for her as a Black person.

NIA CALLOWAY (Playwright/Performer) is a multi-disciplinary artist and astrologer who traverses the worlds of theatre, poetry, music, dance, and the healing arts. Through the combination of written word, sound experimentation, and explorative movement, she aims to create spaces of healing and introspection for her audience. Driven by the desire to relate the natural world, supernatural phenomena, the cosmos, and time to our bodies, Nia’s art serves to heal and reorient our collective stories around female bodies, QBIPOC bodies, and especially Black femme bodies. She is thrilled and honored to be a member of AFO Theater’s Solo Collective Cohort 2022.

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