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Written & Performed by Sean Lewis

In CONCEAL AND CARRY we meet the father of a mass shooting victim, and ride along on an all night drive towards revenge. The play tackles a prominent issue in America today by delving into the inner psyche of the liberal gun owner, the cryptic history of the NRA, and how we go about giving up the gun.



SEAN CHRISTOPHER LEWIS (Playwright/Performer) solo works including KILLADELPHIA, DOGS OF RWANDA and JUST KIDS have been produced at Baltimore Centerstage, Woolly Mammoth Theatre, Interact Theatre, American Theater Company, Redfern Performing Arts Center, Ojai Playwrights Festival, Ko Festival of Performance, the Uno Festival, Revolutions International Theatre Festival, Available Light Theatre, Riverside Theatre and many more. These pieces have won the Barrymore Award, the National New Play Network's Smith Prize, the William Inge Fellowship and more. He has been heard on NPR'S This American Life and he is the writer and co-creator of the Image Comic's series SAINTS

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