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Legendary UK comedian and activist Mark Thomas shares the story of his betrayal by a close friend who turns out to be a spy for an international arms company. A tense and wickedly funny reflection on friendship and gun control on a global level, with a dynamic staging and inventive video.


Written and performed by MARK THOMAS



MARK THOMAS has been performing comedy for 30 years

• He has written 5 books

• Curated and authored 2 art exhibitions

• Won 5 awards for performing, 3 for human rights work and 1 he invented for himself

• He made 6 seasons of the Mark Thomas Comedy Product for Channel 4

• He made 3 documentaries for Channel 4

• He was commissioned to write 1 new show for the Royal Opera House

• He has made 5 seasons of the Manifesto for Radio 4

• He was a Guinness World Record holder for holding 20 protests in 24 hours

• He has performed in 4 continents and in 10 countries

• How to describe his work? A mix of standup, theatre, journalism and the odd bout of performance art

• He is 52 years old and doesn’t care if it sounds pretentious

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