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His name is Gideon, and here’s why you’ll remember that name.....


His name is Gideon, and here’s why you’ll remember that name:

After seeing hundreds of solo shows, I thought I was beyond astonishment at what one truly talented individual can create. But never have I seen a performer work so hard, make it look so easy, and leave you feeling you’ve not only experienced something exhilarating, profound, and fun, but that you’ve also made a friend. I know that sounds preposterous. That’s what I thought, too.

But I’ve seen Gid’s show more than a dozen times –and each time, it is a fresh delight and surprise. At first I couldn’t understand why each time the lights went down and Gideon took that stage, I sat there like a tail-wagging dog, waiting for what came next. Eventually I realized it was not only owing to Gideon’s performance, but to the audience’s response:

their gasps and shrieks of amazement and joy were balm to an Artistic Director’s soul.

Armed with a seemingly bottomless cornucopia of exotic instruments and a truly remarkable sense of the theatrical, Gideon imbues his show, the theater, and you with a sense of sacred awe, the same feeling that has kept people going again and again to churches, synagogues and mosques

-- except with Gideon, you can pretty much plan on witnessing a miracle or two as well.

My Name is Gideon has been slow-cooked in the caldron of over 500 living room performances and remarkable warmth, empathy, and intimacy has been baked into the show. But now, at Walker Space, thanks to the ace creative team he’s assembled, you will see for the first time Gideon’s full theatrical mastery and imagination unleashed.

Now, after a hit run in Edinburgh, Gideon has arrived at our doorstep. As Paul McCartney said, do me –and yourself! -- a favor: open the door, and let him in. You shall be amazed.

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