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A two-week workshop series, celebrating solo theater in development.

November 4th – 16th

For two weeks in November we’re cracking open the rehearsal room door and taking a look at process. Join us for readings of 7 brand new solo shows still in development; panels, debates, and discussions about developmental processes and opportunities; and classes to help you develop your solo show.


We’re proud to feature readings and workshop performances of 7 brand new solo shows in development:


I See You Made An Effort

Written and Performed by Annabelle Gurwitch

Directed by Bart Delorenzo

Compliments, indignities and survival stories from the edge of 50.

Nov 7th @7pm

Nov 9th @7pm


8 Stops

Written and Performed by Deb Margolin

Directed by Jay Wahl

A comedy concerning the grief of endless compassion.

Nov 9th @2pm

Nov 14th @7pm


{my lingerie play}: Installation 9/10

Written and Performed by Diana Oh

Directed by Leta Tremblay

What drives a woman to take off her clothes in Times Square for a better world?

Nov 15th @7pm

Nov 16th @5pm


Divine Chaos

Written and Performed by Katie Northlich

Directed by Jerry Miller

A series of colorful vignettes that investigates the nuances of the question: “fate or free will?”

Nov 6th @7pm

Nov 11th @7pm


Long Gone Daddy

Written and Performed by Joseph Gallo

Directed by Jean-Michele Gregory

Becoming a father.  Being a Dad.  One man learns the difference (a comedy).

Nov 4th @7pm

Nov 5th @7pm


We’re The Only Ones Left

Written and Performed by Kim Morris

Directed by Margot Bordelon

A poetic exploration of friendship, grief, and chosen family.

Nov 12th @7pm

Nov 13th @7pm


Post Traumatic Super Delightful

Written and Performed by Antonia Lassar

a clown/ political/ documentary look at what happens to a community after sexual assault.

Nov 8th @2pm

Nov 15th @2pm

AND, check out SoloLab: On The Spot!

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